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Harga OTR Jakarta Mulai Rp 429 Juta
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    Hilux D Cab - E 2.4L E (4x4) M/T DIESEL

    Hilux D Cab - E

    2.4L E (4x4) M/T DIESEL

    • Pick up
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    • Diesel
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    Rp. 429.750.000 (OTR Jakarta)

    Tentang Toyota Hilux D Cab - E

    Beyond Exterior
    Now with a more aggressive appearance and giving pride when driving.

    New Headlamp Design
    With a sharp design and auto leveling LED projector to give a tough look yet perfect vision in any road conditions.

    New Front Chrome Grille
    A bold and iconic trapezoidal design to give a stronger presence for its new look.

    New LED Fog Lamp Design
    To enhance visibility as well as giving long-lasting performance.

    New Rear Combi Lamp Design
    A bolder LED tail light giving a unique and advanced image.

    New 17" Alloy Wheel
    With a new dark grey design to give a strong and tough look.

    Beyond Interior
    The interior space of the cabin is now equipped with the latest features to increase comfort when driving.

    Luxurious Black Leather Seat
    First row leather seat with elegant black color giving you a luxurious feel as you dominate the road ahead.

    New Combimeter Design
    Combining the element of high-class and precision to create an even tougher image. Also with MID to ensure better visibility for road's information. Equipped with ECO indicator zone for any feedback on the driving behaviour.

    New Flat Head Unit Design
    Equipped with a great entertainment of 7" Display audio which can be connected to DVD, Radio, USB, and Bluetooth.

    Steering Switch (Audio, Telephone, VR, MID)
    Steering wheel designed for excellent operability, incorporating control switches for audio, telephone, VR, and MID.

    Digital Air Conditioner
    The Air Conditioner that will make your journey more comfortable.

    6 Speed Automatic with Sport Sequential Shiftmatic
    The 6-speed automatic transmission generates smooth driving feel and excellent driving performance.

    Steering Adjustment
    With the tilt telescopic feature to adjust the position to make it more comfortable for anyone.

    Illuminated Entry
    There will be light on ignition and room lamp area for a better visibility at night.

    Beyond Safety
    The performance is balanced with safety features that provide a calm ride.

    Front Driver Airbags + Passenger Airbags, Driver Knee Airbag, Side Airbag + Curtain Shield Airbag

    Vehicle Stability Control
    Maintaining the vehicle stability when doing a sharp turn to avoid over or under-steering.

    Trailer Sway Control
    Working together with VSC, this feature stabilize and defuse any sway that can be dangerous for vehicle.

    Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) & Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD)
    Prevent wheel lock-up during sudden braking, ensuring vehicle stability to maneuver when the obstacle come.

    Hill Assist Control
    Preventing vehicle to slip backward on an uphill road.

    Emergency Brake Signal
    Giving a signal and alerting the driver to maintain a safe distance to avoid collision.

    With our top notch security system to prevent thieve.

    Beyond Performance
    The toughness of the New Super GD Engine is proven to be able to provide power and torque to try out the field of travel.

    GD Engine - Diesel
    Raising the bar with greater power. More efficient and extra quiet.

    Rear Differential Lock System
    The system helps secure traction when driving in muddy terrain on in the unlikely situation when the vehicle is stuck.

    Easy 4x4 Switch
    Significantly enhancing operability and convenience with the new dial type switch.

    Eco Lamp Indicator
    The Eco Lamp Indicator helps you to get more miles out of each tank of gas and drive more efficiently.



    • Pick Up
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    • Pick Up
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