• SUV
  • 2393
  • Solar
  • 7 Penumpang
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    New Fortuner VRZ 4x4 2.4 VRZ A/T DSL

    New Fortuner VRZ

    4x4 2.4 VRZ A/T DSL

    • SUV
    • 2393 cc
    • Diesel
    • 7 Penumpang

    Tentang Toyota New Fortuner VRZ

    Beyond Exterior
    Dominator of both world. Toyota Fortuner prestige design projects a high attitude that combined with a strong impression that astounds the road.

    Beyond Interior
    The Fortuner comes with stylish interior that strongly projects prestige

    Beyond Safety
    Designed to provide maximum protection for every passenger.

    Beyond Performance
    The true definition of dominance is crafted in the new model of Fortuner. One of the strongest model that complete with all the primary specification and powered with 4x4 function.