Hyundai IONIQ Electric

Experience the future mobility in your daily life.

As a pure electric vehicle, the new and improved IONIQ is ready to re-energise your driving experience. Refined handling, whisper-quiet, packed with technology and with a range of up to 311km[R1] (WLTP), it’s the ideal transition to zero-emission driving.

Standout features.

Welcome to the next generation of eco-friendly motoring – a compelling and extensive combination of innovation, sophistication, performance and style that’s 100% electric – so it generates zero emissions.

Pulsing with energetic, modern appeal.

Stop and reflect on the appeal of the IONIQ. Its refined, modern good looks are the first to grab your attention. Admire every curve, every line: It all comes together to convey the smooth flow of power. The proportions are nicely balanced and when you get in closer to look at the details, you’ll discover a perfectionism that is deeply satisfying.

Effortlessly elegant & Peace of mind.

With its disciplined focus on layout simplicity and good ergonomics, the IONIQ interior advances the evolution of trendsetting design. As forward-thinking as the exterior, the interior abounds with fine touches that bring all the key elements to life in fluid, elegant style. Every detail is precisely designed around the philosophy of clean simplicity for a calming, soothing effect on the senses.

Cutting edge technologies help keep you safe and hassle-free.

IONIQ safety features befit its sophisticated futuristic styling. Preventive safety innovations incorporate advanced technologies to help keep you on track and out of harm’s way. Combining built-in radar, sensors and machine vision, IONIQ is at the leading edge of safety technology and will look out for you every inch of the way.

Sleek exterior silhouette.

To reduce aerodynamic drag, the IONIQ relies on a combination of complementary exterior design features: The flowing fastback body style, underbody flat panelling, front grille shutters, front bumper air ducts (which create an air curtain around the front wheels to improve high-speed aerodynamic efficiency), and an integrated boot tailgate rear spoiler.

Your IONIQ, your way.

In keeping with our design philosophy of sophisticated simplicity, we’ve kept the colour palette range available for both variants focused, classic and carefully thought out.

Interior elegance, stylishly and ethically.

Sugar-cane by-products account for 25% of the raw materials used in the soft-touch door trim panels, while recycled plastic, powdered wood and volcanic stone make up 10% of the eco-friendly plastics on other interior surfaces. Additionally, bio-fabrics have been used to create the headliner and carpet, with sugar-cane by-products accounting for 20% of those raw materials.

Hyundai by your side.

We’ve tried to make sure you find every stage along the path to owning a IONIQ a thoroughly positive experience. From flexible financing and tailored insurance cover, to sat-nav map updates and fixed-price servicing, we’ll make available everything you could need to get the most out of your new car, now and way down the road.

Safety first and foremost.

IONIQ is equipped with Hyundai SmartSenseTM[H1] safety technologies



  • Sedan
  • 1580
  • Charge
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        IONIQ Electric Prime Rp. 637.000.000 Rp 8.838.000 Rp 77.580.000
        IONIQ Electric Signature Rp. 677.000.000 Rp 10.244.000 Rp 97.580.000

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        • Sedan
        • 1580
        • Charge
        • 5 Penumpang
        0 Review